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Photonics Research Group belongs to a network of integrated photonics laboratories designated as LIFóton - Laboratórios Integrados de Fotônica do IF/UFG. The other research groups are Science Materials, Biophotonics, and Quantum Optics.

LIFóton was awarded with a research grant from CNPq/MCTI/SEMPI: 01/2021 - Sistema Nacional de Laboratórios de Fotônica (Sisfóton-MCTI). Regardless of this enormous success, Photonics Group is still an emerging research group, and we are in the process of acquiring funds and more grants to build our infrastructure. 
Meanwhile, we are using core research facilities and the laboratory infrastructure from other LIFóton group members.


High Performance Computing (HPC)

The HPC is provided by LaMCAD - Laboratório Multiusuário de Computação de Alta Performance.

In total, the HPC environment has 1064 processing cores, 3.8 TB of RAM and 193 TB of storage. The entire environment is interconnected through a 100 Gbps Infiniband network (except the 2 nodes with K40 GPU that are connected to the environment through a 10 Gbps Ethernet network).

The theoretical performance of the cluster is 52.2 teraflops and the actual performance estimate is 30.5 teraflops.


LIFóton Research Infrastructure

(equipment's partial list)

  • Ultra-high sensitive optical spectrometer (AVANTES)

  • Spectrophotometer Raman LabRAM HR UV-VIS-NIR (Horiba/Jobin-Yvon)

  • Spectrofluorimeter Fluorolog-3/FL3-221 (Horiba/Jobin-Yvon)

  • Spectrophotometer LAMBDA WB1050 (PerkinElmer) 

  • Nanosecond laser with OPO (Quantel)

  • CW Diode Lasers (405, 545, 532, 638, 804, 977, and 1064 nm)

  • Biological Irradiator (Biolambda);

  • Pulfrich Refractometer (Carl Zeiss);

  • Spin- and Deep-Coater thin-film systems;
  • Profiler DEKTAK XT (Bruker);

  • X-ray generator (Phillips);

  • Thermoluminescence Emission Spectrometer (Harshaw), 

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